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baby development


It’s a heavenly feeling to become a parent. Babies are the gift of the Almighty. While this brings about joy and happiness in a family, in most cases parents are worried about how to ensure baby development and how to take care of their infant. It’s not like that, all of us have prior knowledge about how to bring up a child. But at the same time parents are worried about the growth and development of their babies. You can consider quality parenting as an art that helps your baby to attach with you emotionally and mentally, at a time this also helps your baby to adopt new skills.

What name should we give our baby ? Whether it will be a baby girl or baby boy? What types of skills will we teach them in the future? How will we decorate the room for them? What types of bed should we use for them?  All this thought comes to mind , especially during the pregnancy period. 

So congratulations on your pregnancy and if you already have given birth then congratulations to you and your baby . In this article we will discuss some important topics that you and your baby will experience in the first few days of his/her life. We will also offer you some tips and advice that will help you in taking care of your little one and ensure baby development. 

You don’t need to take too much stress in feeding, birthing ,soothing and healthy sleep. We will also discuss common medical questions such as: what sign you should look for to know that your child might be sick or feeling uncomfortable? Lastly something that is particularly important to know is what  you as a parent can do to ensure the development of your child even at the early age of his/her life.

Throughout the article when we are trying to cover some information that is all about development of the baby, we try to cover the whole range about how your child will grow as a person, much more just than their physical body , but also their brains ,emotions and behavior. 

Infant brain development

It’s really amazing how much brain growth occurs in the newborn period. Science has shown us that there are over million of nerve connections that are made in every second in the newborn brain, and research has also shown us how you can play a vital role to make your baby learn and develop new skills and relationships. And you know what ? It’s  your voice, your face , your touch and your back and forth interaction that help your baby to learn and understand new things. Thus you can ensure the development of your baby. Be careful about this as it is said family is the best institution for a person to learn good qualities and manners. So try to develop the art of quality parenting and ensure quality growth of your child.

Let’s discuss how you can help your baby to learn a new language…

Studies have shown that babies are born being able to recognize their mother’s voice. That means they can hear your voice separately from others. Doesn’t it sound cute? And your voice can make them more comfortable, teach them new things like no one else is.

So here comes the question- How do you talk to your baby?

When you are thinking about helping your baby to learn a language , there is a specific way to talk to your baby.This will help your baby to learn the language easily. This method is known Parentheses. It means using a high-pitched sing-song voice with real words and exaggerated facial expressions. Sometimes mother expressed her words through singing with her baby. It may seem a bit funny, but it is helpful to teach the baby a new language so to say new things. Again when you use a lot of vocabulary that means your child will learn a lot of vocabulary that will help later. You can adopt Sportscasting technique which means narrating and commenting on what you are doing, moment by moment and saying the steps out loud. For example: “Right now I am making some food for you, here is your papa , we will play together, now we will go outside, etc.” (Be careful about using slang words in front of your baby, believe us you will regret it in the future if you use slang words in front of your baby frequently). Every time you talk to him/her increases the opportunities to learn.

As you help your baby understand the world around him/her you want to try responsive or sensitive parenting. This means understanding your babies, feeling them and responding to them with love and care . Actually it is much more important to ensure responsive parenting, talking to them, and understanding them. All these things will help them to grow and develop.

Quality parenting helps your baby to feel the emotion and love you are giving to him/her. That will help them to grow up morally and learn quality things. So be considerate to all this when you are thinking about baby development.

Why do babies cry?

Usually babies cry for several reasons. It’s not obvious to the babies to say why they are crying, or using tactics to understand why they are crying. Getting to know each other takes time.As time passes you as a parent will be able to know your baby and his/her behavior. The more you learn your baby’s behavior the more you will be an expert. In addition to crying babies may also stare blankly when they are tired or look away when they have too much simulation, when they are uncomfortable or upset they may arch their back. So try to understand what makes your baby uncomfortable. Sometimes they cry out of fear, sometimes they cry if they feel pain, try to observe the situations and find out the reasons. For example during the bath they cry, but it’s also important to keep them neat and clean, so try not to hurt them unintentionally. Again in most of the cases they cry when they are hungry. So spend time understanding the behavior of your baby. Again as you know when they are sick they cry a lot. So we should consult a doctor immediately if you see any sign of sickness in your baby. As newborn babies are not capable of talking, it’s you as a parent who can understand them immediately.

Generally a mother spends a lot of time looking at her baby and her face is baby’s favorite toy. Times when you are feeding, bathing, taking baby in your arms or changing diapers of your baby, these are the best times when they see you too closely. So try to communicate and understand them and make them understand you as they are watching and learning from you. They observe your eyes, your smile, your gesture, how your mouth moves while you speak. So let them see how delighted you are when you look at them and thus try to ensure the development of your baby.


Touch can provide many benefits to your baby, both physically and emotionally. Consider the moment, when your baby is crying for some reason and then you just take him/her in your arms. Within a few seconds he/she becomes calm in most cases. That means the touch you are giving to him/her is ensuring comfort, giving him/her more confidence, and he/she is feeling safe.


Tummy time:

It’s also important to practice the tummy time from the start to increase your baby’s strength and development. It indicates the time when your infant spends on his/her stomach. Placing a toddler on his/her tummy inspires him/her to lift the head, it helps in straightening the head, shoulder muscles, neck…

How many times do you feed your baby in a day ?

For a newborn baby it may seem a full day job and mothers also remain busy in feeding their babies. They need to feed frequently. At this age feeding is all on demand.  In general newborn babies should feed 8-12 times a day. Some gestures of your baby, for example : hand in the mouth, crying can be the indicator that your baby is hungry. However, you get to know and understand all of this over time. Again you should consult with a doctor if your baby’s weight is not as expected within the first few months since the birth of your baby.

How to bathe the baby?

It’s much more important to keep your infant neat and clean. The most important thing you need to ensure is safety. You should use warm water. Avoid soup with high fragrances ,instead you can use cleansers designed for babies. Normal soup can cause skin irritation for your baby. Use a soft towel for the baby .

After all try to make sure that bath time is the best time for your baby. Try to communicate with him/her.

How do you get a baby to sleep?

Considering a sound and healthy sleep habit for your infant should be your important duty as a parent. Recommendation includes placing your baby on his/her back during sleep. Placing babies in their own space like a crib, bassinet, baby bed helps them to enjoy sound sleep. You may consider buying a new bed for your baby. In this case you may have a look at best bed for your baby.

Ensuring security

As a parent you need to be very much careful about your baby’s safety. When the child starts to walk, it’s really a good moment for you. But this also brings about some extra duties to fulfill in order to ensure safety of your infant. You may have noticed or heard about some accidents that baby faces because of the unconsciousness of the parents. For example, suppose you need to go to the washroom or kitchen keeping your baby sleeping or playing on the bed. What may happen is that your child may fall from the bed, or may come near to the edge of the stair. So for many parents, a baby playpen can be the lifesaver. It gives a safe and contained space for the baby to play or rest, away from sockets, sharp objects etc. We have reviewed 13 best baby playpen , in case you want to take a look.

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It takes time to ensure the development of your baby. But you need to give your best in the best way. Soon enough you’ll be rewarded with your baby’s first word, quality and good growth. Best of luck to you and your baby.

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