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Baby Care Play mat Playpen has brought you a great design playpen for your baby. we have reviewed this product that will help you in your buying decision.

Product Information and Technical Details –

Product dimensions57.9 * 86.2 * 24.8 inches
Material typePlastic
Target genderUnisex
Batteries requiredNo
Item weight33 pounds
Price229.9 $


Customer ReviewBy Feature


4.7 out of 5

Easy to install                                    4.9

Easy to assemble                              4.8

Easy to clean                                     4.8

Durability                                           4.7

Age-appropriate                                 4.7

Sturdiness                                          4.5



Baby Care Play mat has a huge play area, it’s expandable. It is a colorful playpen that will appeal to your little one. There is an adjusted panel made of the plastic Swinging pivoted door panel with a security lock and one-hand release Baby playpen with fun rabbit design Assembly required.

The highest point is around 24 inches and the lowest is around 23 inches. The holes are large enough that he/she can easily get his/her hand through the gap and haul them out without them stalling out. It might be effectively separated from one another into 10 panels and then you may shape the space differently as you wish particularly with the extension kit sold independently. The playpen has been passed the test to be free from any harmful materials by most strict specialists. Moreover, bent edges and a twofold lock door guarantee safety for your child. Available in four colors – Grey, Sky blue, Pink, Vivid.

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Key features of –

Baby Care Play mat:


  1.   Secure Surface – The primary thing that you have to consider is the territory of the secure surface that is offered by the playpen. As it is an expendable model you have the option to interface more panels to expand the area. This is an important factor to check as a low surface zone may restrict the kid, and he/she may feel claustrophobic.
  2.   Panel Height – It is another thing to consider as both the high panel height or the shallow panel height is not good. The reason behind this is it might be challenging to vigilant the infant with the high panel stature, and if the panel height is low, then the child may attempt to twist around it, which is a falling danger. So Baby Care Play mat playpen is perfect as it is in the optimal zone height-wise.
  3.   Portable / Travel-Friendly – If you travel a lot then you need to choose a travel-friendly playpen. Baby Care Play mat playpen is easy to dismantle as no extra tools are required, very lightweight to carry, so convenient as you can shape it any way you want.
  4.   Floor Pads / Play-mat – The play-mat on the playpen is very soft and it is two-sided. It’s also waterproof. Very flexible so this can be rolled up in case you have people over or you want to clean it and put it away for storage.
  5.   Quality – It is made with very high-quality plastic. It is phthalate-free, BPA free, lead-free, latex-free, formaldehyde-free, EVA free. Passed the test to be completely free from any harmful materials by most strict authorities.
  6.   Ease of Cleaning – The fact that the play yard will get grimy and there will be spills around. So you might need to clean it often. And this playpen is very easy to clean. White vinegar executes most germs and infections so you can white vinegar & water and wipe it off when needed.



  1.   Baby Care Play mat playpen is Large in size and has a large play space. 
  2.    It is expandable.
  3.   It Fits perfectly and flawlessly
  4.   This playpen is strong and sturdy
  5.    This product is waterproof and toxins free materials.
  6.   Safe and secure structure reasonable for kids
  7.    It is simple to assemble, dismantle without any tools.
  8.   Colors are very attractive so that your child find it more attractive while he/she is playing inside it. 


  1.   Mats may slide on the floor.
  2.   Suction cups do not stick longer sometimes.

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